Payroll and Pensions

Payroll has become more complex due to the introduction of RTI (Real-time Information) submissons and automatic Workplace pensions.  

We can take care of all of your employer requirements and make sure that all of your submissions and employer duties are taken care of and submitted on time.

The services covered include the following:


  • Complete your RTI requirements
  • Email or post your Wage Slips
  • BACS payments report if required
  • Prepare your P45, P60, P11D's etc as and when required
  • File your Employers Annual Return P35
  • Complete your Work Place Pension requirements
  • Assess your employees for Workplace  pensions eligibility
  • Prepare letters for your employees to inform them about the workplace pension
  • Provide you with a monthly pensions contribution schedule
  • Online access to your workplace pensions (via our pensions provider NEST) so you can check your balance at anytime
  • Submit your declaration of compliance to The Pensions Regulator
  • Free advice on day-to-day Employment

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